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The Remember Balloons Around the World

I've been a bit absent from this blog (and from the regular happenings of life) the last several weeks. But it's all for a wonderful reason...

...We are expecting a baby!

This will be baby Oliveros number five. I didn't think we would ever make it to five. I really thought four was my absolute limit, but then I felt like we were a little....underbaked, and that one more would make us fully baked (if my family was a cake). But really, I was probably just holding too many of my friends' babies.

Since January, I've been feeling the nausea and exhaustion. The best description of the first trimester is "constant yuck." But I am now in my fourteenth week of pregnancy, and I'm already starting to feel back to my normal self again. I actually went on a walk today! Anyway, I'm expecting great publishing news with this pregnancy because I received an offer for The Remember Balloons with my last pregnancy. Lol.

I announced on Twitter a few months ago that The Remember Balloons would be translated into five languages. Those are...




Chinese and


I actually have my hands on a couple Korean copies. And I've found postings on Instagram of the the Japanese and Dutch versions. I thought I'd post those pictures here. (Instagram credits are included in the images.)

The Remember Balloons in Dutch!!

The Remember Balloons in Japanese!

My own copies of The Remember Balloons in Korean!

Dana was born in South Korea and hopes to visit again someday so I know this edition holds particular significance to her.

I've been really impressed with the creative book projects posted under the Korean hashtag. Here are just a few:

I'm keeping my eyes open for the Chinese and French editions! And I really hope to see The Remember Balloons in Spanish one day. So many in my city speak Spanish as a first language, and I'd love to see my husband's family in Peru get their hands on a Spanish copy.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of seeing The Remember Balloons in many more languages!


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