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Corona Was Afraid

Hello from the trenches of the coronavirus! Isn't this a crazy time? My daughter slid this note under my door yesterday.

I've been working on a poem for a few days, a poem for all the kiddos everywhere who are overwhelmed and confused by the world right now. And the lovely Dana Wulfekotte, illustrator of The Remember Balloons, has provided the art.


One day Corona came to Earth And laid its evil plans. “I’ll take away their smiles and mirth, spread sickness to all lands!”

The virus tried to steal the show, But THAT was a mistake. What Corona did not know Was that humans would not break.

Together (but six feet apart) We rose up true and strong. We fought Corona with one heart, And filled the streets with song.

The virus glared an awful glare “I will not be contained!” Then saw that there were children here. Corona was afraid.

The children yelled, “You keep away! “We have our part to do! We’ll stay at home and learn and play. We aren’t scared of you!”

At home and with brave faces, They read books and rode their bikes. So there were no new places For Corona and its spikes.

“It’s flattened!” all the children cried. “We squashed it in the end!” Doors opened as the world sighed, And kids ran out to hug a friend.


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