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The Longest Day

A week ago, I participated in The Longest Day fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association. While I was planning on running an online campaign in the beginning, it ended up much bigger than that. A volunteer from the AA phoned me and asked me if I'd like to partner with her event. She would be hosting "Milkshakes for Memories" at two separate Chilck-Fila locations in San Antonio. All the proceeds from milkshakes purchased that day would be donated to the fundraiser. (Do I really need an excuse to buy a milkshake? Ever?)

And so I agreed. Then I contacted my editorial assistant, Alyza, and S&S Books for Young Readers and asked if they'd be willing to donate a few copies of THE REMEMBER BALLOONS. Well, they exceeded my expectations and donated an entire carton!

On the day of the fundraiser, I brought along two helpers (friends' daughters)--all of us wearing the purple of the day. We gave away some copies of the book, SOLD many copies of the book, and since they were donated---%100 of the donations went to the Alzheimer's Association.

The kids gravitated toward the table for the free balloons and balloon craft. And stickers and bookmarks. There was a lot to walk away with that day! All together it was a super successful

fundraiser, and I'm already making plans to do another next year.


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