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I Promise Me

When I began this writing journey over ten years ago, I wrote a blog post declaring to the world (that is to say, the one person reading my infant blog) that I would be published one day. 

This was also a promise to myself. And unlike other promises I've made to myself, this one I had to keep. Well, obviously. Writing defines the very core and essence of who I am.  So here I am beginning a new blog and beginning a new journey--the one where I get to share my book with the world. And my declaration? It's similar to the one I made ten years ago... I will be published AGAIN one day.  My friends, especially those unfamiliar with the industry, are often surprised to know there are just as many rejections on this side of the line. But it's more than that for me... I do have a bit of this thing called fear. I really love THE REMEMBER BALLOONS! Can I create something like that again? It's a little paralyzing. 

But I've been trying to tap into the same place I was 3 1/2 years ago when I wrote THE REMEMBER BALLOONS. Sure, I was writing the manuscript because I hoped to be published one day. But writing this manuscript came from some place deeper that for my grandfather and the need to express it in an art form that suited it best.

So if I finally create THAT manuscript (and there have been many attempts!), maybe you'll see me here again one day... the launch party of my next book, sitting in the best seat in the bookstore with pen in hand. 


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